A message from the Trustees

There are many reasons to take pride in Scotland’s national flag. The St Andrew’s Cross or Saltire is the oldest flag in Europe and directly associated with Scotland’s patron saint. Its distinctive design, a white cross on a blue field, is universally recognised. Moreover, it is the flag of the people – as confirmed by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, former Lord Lyon King of Arms:- “The Cross of St Andrew is the flag which any Scotsman (or woman) is entitled to fly or wear as evidence of his (or her) national identity or patriotism”. 

What is especially significant is that, in Athelstaneford, we have the actual birthplace of Scotland’s flag. This historic site, incorporating the Saltire Memorial within the village churchyard and Heritage Centre close by, has been maintained since 1984 by a charity, the Scottish Flag Trust, founded by the late Dr Alan Macartney. Today, however, we find that the structures and access to them are deteriorating and badly in need of investment and upgrading.

The Trustees, and our patron, believe the birthplace of the national flag should be cherished by Scots everywhere, at home or abroad. Any help you can give will be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks.

Dr Winnie Ewing, Patron of the Trust: 

Winnie is one of Scotland’s foremost political figures, having served as an elected representative for almost 40 years at Westminster, Brussels and Holyrood. In 1999, she memorably presided over the opening of Scotland’s new Parliament.

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